Wholesale manufacturer Ltd. Oji of water out coffee Water Dripper equipment.

We are the maker of "Water dripper"


Oji original water dripper dripped coffee can supply original taste of coffee beans and aroma.
The "Water dripper" is superior technology developed by Oji.
You can enjoy not lost component of coffee beans and original coffee beans vergin better taste instead of astringent taste.
We have introduced a wide range of line-up the professional high end extractor - enjoy coffee taste at home.


  • There are various products such as Oji original water dripper and ice ball. Its elegant appearance is a product that makes coffee time special and allows you to enjoy the taste and appearance.

  • 和風総本家
  • Oishinbo

    Oji Water dripper is,
    Magazine Shogakukan Oishinbo 54 Volume first episode, has been taken up with water out coffee editing.

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