Original water out coffee,
Coffee beans original taste, and enjoy the aroma,
And relaxation taste that satisfy customer offers.

Oji Water dripper is,
Magazine Shogakukan Oishinbo 54 Volume first episode, has been taken up with water out coffee editing.

Our water dripper can supply you original soft and clear taste because water comes drop by drop to coffee beans it is permeate through system instead permeate system.
permeate through system can be not pick up beans betterness taste and tannin.

You can keep cofffee in the refigerator because inhibited oxidation at warter driped coffee.

Oji original water dripper has double cocks and double botteles so that you can adjast the teste sepalately.

Oji original water dripper has tank at upper part, it looks like a water clock.
Great effects in the coffee store as the air boubles and sound.

It will be better to use WD-300, WD-150 with Doppy "DP-1" , Doppy level cock as get better taste with good permeability.

WD-300, WD-150, WD-60DX Premium used Compreg wood. It wood has 10-power strength so, you can use many years.
You can feel wood's original color because not coating at the Compreg wood.

※All our products is made in Japan, made it one by one by artisan hands.

How to use



Set filter at funnel at first and put in coffee (roast and grind coffee).
Put in watter in the bottle (you can adjast amount of water) Water transferred to water-bowl and set to close the plug of the water-bowl.


Open the cock, water will be comes in the funnel.


Adjust water comes with cock-open or close (Please adjust water 1-2 drop /a second)


Please stir the coffee in the bottle after extraction.

  • ※Water 100cc against coffee 10g.
  • ※Extraction time is approximately 8 hours.
  • ※Please do not rub with brush or something tools to outer golden part of level cock because gold part will be peeling.

Please note

If you want to use to put ice in water ball, sometimes water not come down at needle cock because water too cold, please adjust the cock again if you have such kind of accident.
When you want to warm the coffee, please warm at interchange to another cup.

Water Dripper various extraction method


WD-45・WD-60 about 5g~10g

WD-150・WD-300 about 15g~25g

(In extracted and from time, there is a thing that comes out occasionally things white solidified component of tea. It is not as it will be harmful to the body. If you are worried, please drink from once strained. )


Please shattered over lightly in the first mill leaves of tea in the case of Chinese tea.
(Since when would a powder filter is clogged, please take care.)
Number of grams should be put as much as tea.
Enjoy by blending a variety of Chinese tea.


The first place an appropriate amount of distilled spirits in the bottle, and transferred to a water ball.
The trick is to put a little more coffee beans than when making the water out coffee.

Please note
Because is an estimate only, please adjust the amount to suit your taste after.